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Articles and Chapters

Joint Inquiry: Teachers’ Collective Learning About the Common Core in High-Poverty Urban Schools

December 29, 2016
Elizabeth Leisy Stosich
Ira Lit
American Educational Research Journal, Vol 53, Issue 6, 2016

This article examines the nature of teachers’ collaborative work around common core standards and the conditions that support this work.


Relating Aspects of Motivation to Facets of Mathematical Competence Varying in Cognitive Demand

June 29, 2016
Melissa Gilbert
Volume 109, 2016 - Issue 6, pp. 647-657

Research on student motivation and performance on mathematical tasks relevant to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.


Building Teacher and School Capacity to Teach to Ambitious Standards in High-Poverty Schools

August 4, 2016
Elizabeth Leisy Stosich
Teaching and Teacher Education, Volume 58, Pages 43–53

Details of a district professional development initiative designed to support teachers in meeting the goals of Common Core State Standards.


Can Value Added Add Value to Teacher Evaluation?

March 28, 2015
Linda Darling-Hammond
Educational Researcher, Vol. 44 No. 2, pp. 132–137

Linda Darling-Hammond debates the benefits and difficulties of using value-added methods to evaluate educators and schools. 


One Piece of the Whole: Teacher Evaluation as Part of a Comprehensive System for Teaching and Learning


One Piece of the Whole: Teacher Evaluation as Part of a Comprehensive System for Teaching and Learning

March 20, 2014
Linda Darling-Hammond
American Educator

This Linda Darling-Hammond article originally appeared in American Educator and describes the need for coherent systems of teacher development and evaluation.



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