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Student Assessment and Standards

Brown Bag—How Standardized Tests Have Asked Students to Read Literature, 1900–Present



May 22, 2017
Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Sarah Levine
CERAS Learning Hall, Stanford University
Free and open to the public

Sarah Levine will present on "a hundred years of tone and mood" at SCOPE's Brown Bag Semiar Series.


The Internal Coherence Framework: Creating the Conditions for Continuous Improvement in Schools


The Internal Coherence Framework

January 17, 2017
Michelle L. Forman
Elizabeth Leisy Stosich
Candice Bocala
Foreword by Richard F. Elmore
Harvard Education Press

This book presents research-based practices for assessing and developing conditions that support student and adult learning in schools.


Relating Aspects of Motivation to Facets of Mathematical Competence Varying in Cognitive Demand

June 29, 2016
Melissa Gilbert
Volume 109, 2016 - Issue 6, pp. 647-657

Research on student motivation and performance on mathematical tasks relevant to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.


Student Engagement in Assessments: What Students and Teachers Find Engaging


Student Engagement in Assessments: What Students and Teachers Find Engaging

August 24, 2016
Soung Bae
Kari Kokka

Guidance for educators, assessment developers, and policymakers on increasing student engagement in performance-based assessments.


Student Engagement: A Framework for On-demand Performance Assessment Tasks

July 1, 2016
Catherine Taylor
Kari Kokka
Linda Darling-Hammond
Jack Dieckmann
Vivian Santana Pacheco
Susan Sandler
Soung Bae

Engaging students in meaningful applications of their knowledge is a key aspect of both addressing the standards and providing greater access. Not only do the standards emphasize the importance of meaningful engagement in real-world tasks, but evidence shows that engagement is strongly related to student performance on assessment tasks, especially for students who have been typically less advantaged in school settings.


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