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Teacher Assessment and Development

The Internal Coherence Framework: Creating the Conditions for Continuous Improvement in Schools


The Internal Coherence Framework

January 17, 2017
Michelle L. Forman
Elizabeth Leisy Stosich
Candice Bocala
Foreword by Richard F. Elmore
Harvard Education Press

This book presents research-based practices for assessing and developing conditions that support student and adult learning in schools.


Teacher Learning and Leadership, Of, By, and For Teachers


Teacher Learning and LEADERSHIP

October 26, 2016
Ann Lieberman
Carol Campbell
Anna Yashkina
Routledge; 2017; 140 pages

A unique partnership between a government education agency and a teachers’ union has positive outcomes for education reform.


Building Teacher and School Capacity to Teach to Ambitious Standards in High-Poverty Schools

August 4, 2016
Elizabeth Leisy Stosich
Teaching and Teacher Education, Volume 58, Pages 43–53

Details of a district professional development initiative designed to support teachers in meeting the goals of Common Core State Standards.


Turning Around Schools: The National Board Certification Process as a School Improvement Strategy


The National Board Certification Process as aN Improvement Strategy

July 25, 2016
Ann Jaquith
Jon Snyder
Travis Bristol

How the National Board certification process can be used as a school improvement strategy and support enriched teaching.


Maximizing the Use of New State Professional Learning Investments to Support Student, Educator, and School System Growth

January 21, 2016
Joseph Bishop
Linda Darling-Hammond
Ann Jaquith

The Learning Policy Institute (LPI) and the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) introduce two documents to help California schools best utilize professional learning money to support learning around the newly adopted state academic standards.


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