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Teaching Quality

How Nations Invest in Teachers: High-Achieving Nations Treat their Teachers as Professionals

February 1, 2009
Ruth Chung Wei, Alethea Andree, and Linda Darling-Hammond
Educational Leadership (ASDC)

This Ed Leadership article by Ruth Chung Wei and Linda Darling-Hammond is drawn from a larger study and examines what other nations are doing that the U.S. could adopt to create a powerful teaching force.


A Quality Teacher in Every Classroom: An Evaluation System that Works for California

January 1, 2010
Sandra Dean
National Board Resource Center, Stanford University

In this report, Sandra Dean and colleagues examine teacher evaluation practices in California and offer seven recommendations for improving the system.


Using Student Achievement Test Scores as Evidence of External Validity for Indicators of Teacher Quality

Connecticut’s Beginning Educator Support and Training Program
January 1, 2010
Mark Wilson, P. J. Hallam, Ray Pecheone, and Pamela Moss

Mark Wilson et al. examine the effectiveness of two teacher assessment systems:  Connecticut's BEST program and ETS' Praxis series.


Professional Development in the United States: Trends and Challenges

August 1, 2010
Linda Darling-Hammond, Ruth Chung Wei, Alethea Andree, Nikole Richardson, and Stelios Orphanos

Linda Darling-Hammond et al. conduct a state-by-state analysis of progress on teacher professional development in the United States using data from the Schools and Staffing Survey.


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