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Teaching Quality

Investigating Teaching Policy Around the World

Project Dates: 
July 2008-June 2010

This project examines how high achieving nations around the world have steeply improved student achievement and equity and to identify how those approaches can be replicated in the United States.

Teacher and Leader Effectiveness in High-Performing Education Systems

Project Dates: 
July 2010-February 2011

The Alliance for Excellent Education and SCOPE teamed up to look at ways other nations have enhanced teacher effectiveness and to see if the lessons learned could be applied in the U.S. context, producing a report and a webinar on their findings.

Colloquium Provocation Paper: The State of Equity in Canadian Education

October 27, 2010
Mary-Lou Donnelly

Mary-Lou Donnelly examines equity in the Canadian education system, focusing on the roles that teachers and teacher organizations play in Canada's high-achieving schools.

Colloquium Provocation Paper: New Ideas on Teacher Education for Achieving Equity in Education

October 27, 2010
Dennis Sumara, Brent Davis

Dennis Sumara and Brent Davis approach equity from the angle of learning theory, attending to some of the dramatic developments in research and theory that have transformed the playing field of formal education.


Colloquium Provocation Paper: Teachers Unions as Agents of Change

October 27, 2010
Rebecca Pringle

Rebecca Pringle discusses ways that unions are collaborating with parents, communities, school districts, and students to improve education and address inequities in educational opportunities for poor and minority students.



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