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Instructional Leadership Corps

Project Dates: 
Summer 2014 – Summer 2020
Melissa Gilbert
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The Project:

The 325,000-member California Teachers Association (CTA), the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE), and the National Board Resource Center at Stanford University (NBRC) are working together. The objective?  Be at the forefront of educator-driven professional development that will benefit all schools and all students. Together, these organizations created the Instructional Leadership Corps (ILC) to build a network of accomplished classroom teachers, site leaders, administrators, and higher education professionals.  Working together, the ILC provides professional development to assist California public school educators in the implementation of the California Standards for English Language Arts/English Language Development and Mathematics and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Since Fall 2014, the ILC has served over 84,000 educators representing more than 2,000 California public schools in at least 467 districts. 

ILC Videos:

Overview of the ILC:

ILC collaboration to impact student achievement:

Educators supporting educators to engage and benefit students:

ILC Funders:

Phase Two of the ILC Project

We have received funding to further support the ILC and implement Phase Two of the project. Phase Two goals include:

  1. Grow the capacity of ILC teams to sustain and embed ILC work in local learning communities;
  2. Create and sustain self-supporting models of Educators Educating Educators.

As part of Phase Two we are delighted to announce the public release of our first set of ILC Tools for Practice. Topics include:

  • Using primary source documents in the classroom
  • Creating workplace conditions for deep, meaningful, and ongoing adult learning
  • Supporting elementary students’ mathematics learning in and out of school (bilingual, specifically tailored for parents and families)

Going forward, we intend to maintain the current size of the ILC (235 California public school educators) for 2018–19. We plan to add new ILC members in May 2018 to fill openings that become available. Apply to join an existing team via between April 1–30, 2018.

Indicators that the ILC is taking root:

  • Local community increases fiscal commitment to the work
  • Local stakeholders work together to meet professional learning needs of educators
  • Local community embraces and spreads the ILC work
  • Local community values ongoing teaching and learning
  • Local community values the knowledge and expertise of teachers/practitioners in facilitating professional learning
  • ILC members deepen their own professional knowledge and skills

Photos from recent ILC events:

More Information:

Feedback From ILC Members & Professional Development Workshop Attendees:

“The opportunity to bring together teachers and administration to train was in itself a shift. To design processes to heal and build relationships among teachers with administration was definitely a highlight. To introduce the idea/concept of professional capital was a huge highlight.”
Administrator ILC Member

"[I learned] that ALL students are able to participate in academic discussions if given the opportunity. I realized that all students are learning academic language. I learned the importance of persistence and respect for the starting point of the strategy."
Workshop attendee (Topic: Productive Academic Talk) 

"That is PD at its finest when the teachers walk out both inspired and motivated to attempt to replicate what they saw...Kudos to ILC for empowering teachers to teach teachers...I've never walked away from consultant-based training with the same fervor or resolve."
Workshop attendee (Topic: Engineering Practices in Elementary School)