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SCOPE Blog Archive

True Accountability: Giving All Students a Shot

December 8, 2014

Joseph Bishop discusses how to balance accountability with excellent teaching that prepares youth for 21st century employment in a blog post for Education Week. 


Race and Violence Should Be a School-Wide Subject

December 8, 2014

Travis J. Bristol offers advice on how schools and teachers can best address and teach issues relating to race and violence.


Transforming Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning

December 8, 2014

Linda Darling-Hammond discusses the shortfalls of current student assessment practices and they way to create better, more meaningful standards. 


Supporting teachers is the way to improve schools

September 9, 2014

Linda Darling-Hammond argues the path to great teaching lies in recruiting top talent, ensuring that teachers meet high standards for entry, and providing them with resources.


Student-Centered Practices for Underserved Youth

September 8, 2014

Diane Friedlaender and Linda Darling-Hammond discuss the benefits of student-centered practices for underserved youth in a blog post for Education Week. 


Teacher standards not being lowered

August 12, 2014

Linda Darling-Hammond argues against a recent op-ed in The Sacramento Bee that said the Commission on Teacher Credentialing is lowering its standards.


How Boston public schools can recruit and retain Black male teachers

August 6, 2014

As guest author for Shanker Blog, SCOPE's Travis Bristol provides recommendations for recruiting and retaining Black male teachers in Boston public schools.


A basic flaw in the argument against affirmative action

July 16, 2014

Linda Darling-Hammond and Ted Dintersmith discuss affirmative action following a decision by the Court of Appeals to allow UT at Austin to continue using affirmative action.


Beyond the Bubble Test: Why We Need Performance Assessments

July 9, 2014

Linda Darling-Hammond argues that performance assessments are needed to ensure our children will succeed in the knowledge-based society they are entering. 


SCOPE Conference Explores New Accountability Frameworks

July 2, 2014

Thomas Showalter summarizes the conversation at the June 11, 2014, SCOPE conference, "Rethinking Accountability: Putting Students and Learning First."