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It's Time for a New Accountability in American Education

May 19, 2014

Linda Darling-Hammond and AFT President Randi Weingarten discuss how new standards cannot succeed under an old accountability system. 


Testing to, and Beyond, the Common Core

March 5, 2014

In the magazine Principal, Linda Darling-Hammond argues that new performance assessments can help improve instruction and guide school improvement.


School Reform: Learning From Around the World

December 17, 2013

Ann Lieberman, a featured author in Leading Educational Change, discusses what it means to be a teacher in different countries. 


Linda Darling-Hammond on the Common Core Standards

October 24, 2013

Diane Ravitch's blog features a post by Linda Darling-Hammond on how to treat the Common Core State Standards as guideposts and not straitjackets.


The next generation of assessments can—and must—be better

July 30, 2013

Linda Darling-Hammond and Frank Adamson write that open-ended, teacher-scored assessments that reinforce higher-order thinking skills are affordable and within reach.


Why the NCTQ teacher prep ratings are nonsense

June 19, 2013

In an op-ed for the Washington Post, Darling-Hammond explains why the NCTQ ratings of teacher preparation programs are seriously flawed.


It’s the opportunity gap, stupid 

May 15, 2013

In this op-ed, Prudence Carter and Kevin Welner ask, why do we ignore that poverty is what produces the achievement gap?


What teachers need and reformers ignore: time to collaborate

April 16, 2013

In this Washington Post op-ed, Linda Darling-Hammond writes about why teacher collaboration time is so important to the profession. 


‘Test-and-punish’ sabotages quality of children’s education

April 10, 2013

In an op-ed for MSNBC, Linda Darling-Hammond argues that rather than improving education, the current obsession with test scores undermines the quality of education.


Next steps toward achieving equity in education

February 22, 2013

An op-ed by Linda Darling-Hammond and Michael Honda on the findings of the congressionally appointed Commission on Equity and Excellence.