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SCOPE Blog Archive

NCLB: Perspectives on the law

January 5, 2012

Linda Darling-Hammond argues that after 10 years of missed opportunity under NCLB, we must learn from our experience to accelerate academic progress and improve the quality of learning in American schools.


Let citizens vote on raising taxes to fund schools

December 18, 2011

California faces more cuts in education funding but, as Linda Darling-Hammond writes in this San Francisco Chronicle op-ed, Californians are willing to pay higher taxes to support education.


The double binds of economic and racial inequality

December 5, 2011

In this op-ed for the Boston Review, Prudence Carter asks, Is there sufficient discussion in the Occupy movement about race?


Restoring our schools: The quest for equity in the United States

November 23, 2011

In this blog for the Canadian Education Association, Linda Darling-Hammond explores why the gap between the U.S. and high-achieving nations like Canada is growing. 


Addressing stereotype threat to improve academic achievement

November 18, 2011

As part of SCOPE's Brown Bag Seminar Series, Dean Claude Steele talked about stereotype threat and its effect on academic achievement to an overflow crowd at Stanford.


Teachers paid much less than their peers

November 9, 2011

In this piece, cross-posted from U.S. News & World Report's Debate Club, Darling-Hammond responds to the claim that American teachers are overpaid.


The color of Black: Professor explores racial identity in college students

October 10, 2011

In a seminar that launched the 2011-12 Brown Bag series, Professor Camille Charles argued that racial identity in Black students is far more multidimensional and varied than earlier studies have indicated.


A dangerous obsession: Testing students to grade teachers

May 31, 2011

Linda Darling-Hammond addresses the challenges of assessing teachers by testing students as part of a New York Times discussion forum.

Teacher evaluations through student testing

May 25, 2011

In this NBC News "Education Nation" guest blog, Linda Darling-Hammond discusses the downsides of measuring teachers’ effectiveness by student test score gains.


The service of democratic education

May 21, 2011

This commencement address, delivered by Linda Darling-Hammond at Teacher's College, was reproduced in the Nation.