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E.g., 2022-12
Reports & Report Series

Second-Class Integration: A Historical Perspective for a Contemporary Agenda

Vanessa Siddle Walker

Vanessa Siddle Walker invokes the voices of black educators who challenged the diluted and failed vision for an integrated South after 1954's Brown v. Board of Education.

Reports & Report Series

Oakland Unified School District Case Study: ACORN Woodland Elementary

Kenneth Montgomery

Kenneth Montgomery uses ACORN's success to highlight the community's role in launching schools and the promise of “re-incubation” for overcoming tremendous challenges.


Reports & Report Series

Oakland Unified School District Case Study: Oakland International High School

Julie Kessler

Julie Kessler explores the successes and challenges of opening a new International High School in Oakland based upon the Internationals model.


Reports & Report Series

Oakland Unified School District Case Study: Elmhurst Community Prep

Diane Friedlaender and Kenneth Montgomery

Diane Friedlaender and Kenneth Montgomery use the turnaround of Elmhurst Community Prep to illustrate small school reform strategy.


Reports & Report Series

Oakland Unified School District Case Study: ASCEND

Diane Friedlaender

Diane Friedlaender follows ASCEND’s development over time and shows how the school has refined its original design to strengthen its instructional program.


Reports & Report Series

Oakland Unified School District New Small Schools Initiative: Evaluation

Ash Vasudeva, Linda Darling-Hammond, Stephen Newton, and Kenneth Montgomery

This final report by SRN provides a brief history of Oakland’s small schools initiative, analyzes factors influencing its success, and offers insights about policies and practices that can support continued progress.

Reports & Report Series

Oakland Unified School District Case Study: EnCompass Academy

Kenneth Montgomery and Diane Friedlaender

Diane Friedlaender and Kenneth Montgomery take a look at EnCompass' unique educational philosophy, which bases the school's culture and instructional program on “four life spirals.” 

Reports & Report Series

Oakland Unified School District Case Study: The McClymonds Educational Complex: BEST and EXCEL High Schools

Ash Vasudeva

Ash Vasudeva demonstrates the promise and challenges of converting McClymonds High into two small schools that share an existing campus.


Reports & Report Series

Knowing Their Lines: How Social Boundaries Undermine Equity‐based Integration Policies in U.S. and South African Schools

Prudence L. Carter, Jakeya Caruthers, and Jessica Foster

In this paper, Prudence Carter et al. argue that certain educational practices in the United States and South Africa converge to thwart integrationist goals.

Reports & Report Series

Getting Under the Skin: Using Knowledge about Health Inequities to Spur Action

Susan Eaton and Sara Abiola

Susan Eaton and Sara Abiola translate knowledge from the “social determinants of health” arena to suggest policy and programming changes in disadvantaged communities.

Reforming Teaching: Are We Missing the Boat?

Linda Darling-Hammond and David Haselkorn

Linda Darling-Hammond and David Haselkorn argue that it's essential to transform, not jettison, teacher preparation in the United States.

Articles & Chapters

Cultural Explanations for Racial and Ethnic Stratification in Academic Achievement: A Call for a New and Improved Theory

Prudence L. Carter

Prudence Carter assesses the literature on cultural explanations for ethno-racial differences in K–12 schooling and academic performance.



Educational Opportunity and Alternative Certification: New Evidence and New Questions

Linda Darling-Hammond

Linda Darling-Hammond reviews a number of recent studies that point to the types of teacher preparation that produce positive outcomes for student learning.


Reports & Report Series

Professional Learning in the Learning Profession: A Status Report on Teacher Development in the U.S. and Abroad

Linda Darling-Hammond, Ruth Chung Wei, Alethea Andree, Nikole Richardson, Stelios Orphanos

Linda Darling-Hammond et al. provide a baseline assessment of successful teacher professional development practices in the United States and abroad.

Articles & Chapters

How Nations Invest in Teachers: High-Achieving Nations Treat their Teachers as Professionals

Ruth Chung Wei, Alethea Andree, and Linda Darling-Hammond

This Ed Leadership article by Ruth Chung Wei and Linda Darling-Hammond is drawn from a larger study and examines what other nations are doing that the U.S. could adopt to create a powerful teaching force.


Reports & Report Series

Separate and Unequal: Big Government Conservatism and the Racial State

George Lipsitz

George Lipsitz explores the legal reasoning behind and consequences of the 2007 Supreme Court case Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1 et. al.


Articles & Chapters

Opportunities & Paradoxes: An Examination of Culture, Race & Group Incorporation in Post-Apartheid South African Schools

Prudence L. Carter

A chapter by Prudence Carter in the book "Thinking Diversity, Building Cohesion: A Transnational Dialogue on Education."

Articles & Chapters

Equity and Empathy: Toward Racial and Educational Achievement in the Obama Era

Prudence L. Carter

Reflecting on the 2008 election, Prudence Carter challenges the popular notion that President Obama’s victory is symbolic of a postracial society in the United States. 

Articles & Chapters

Toward a Theory of Generative Change in Culturally and Linguistically Complex Classrooms

Arnetha F. Ball

Arnetha Ball situates the preparation of teachers to teach in culturally and linguistically complex classrooms in international contexts.

Articles & Chapters

Big Ideas for Children: Investing in Our Nation’s Future: Evolving No Child Left Behind

Linda Darling-Hammond

Linda Darling-Hammond addresses the shortcomings of No Child Left Behind.