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Linda Darling-Hammond on the Status of the Profession

Release Date: 
September 19, 2012

How do we address the decline in teacher enrollment? Is it a question of raising standards and support structures, as well as salaries and benefits? Or is it just as much a case of finding a way to rebuild the status and value of teaching as a profession? These questions and more were raised in this plenary discussion from The New York Times Schools for Tomorrow conference.

The discussion was moderated by New York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks. The speakers included Linda Darling-Hammond; Ninive Calegari, Co-Founder, 826 National; Brian Crosby, Co-Chair of the English Department, Hoover High School, Glendale, California; Augusta Kappner, President Emeritus, Bank Street College of Education; and Sharon Robinson, President and C.E.O., American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.

View the whole conference at Schools for Tomorrow: Building a Better Future.