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John Rickford, Sharese King: Full Interview on "Race, Dialect Prejudice, and Literacy in the Zimmerman Trial and Beyond"

February 10, 2014

Stanford professor John Rickford and graduate student Sharese King give an interview following their seminar on race and dialect prejudice in the Zimmerman trial.


Linda Darling-Hammond in conversation with Maxine McKew

January 30, 2014

Linda Darling-Hammond sits down with Maxine McKew, Vice-Chancellor's Fellow at the University of Melbourne, to discuss issues of inequality in the U.S. and abroad.

Teacher Evaluation: What Really Matters for Effectiveness and Improvement

January 30, 2014

Linda Darling-Hammond discusses "Getting Teacher Evaluation Right" as part of the Dean's Lecture Series at the University of Melbourne.


Bryan Brown: Full Interview on "How Language, Identity, and Cognition Impact Students' Learning"

January 27, 2014

Following his January 27 Brown Bag Seminar, Stanford Professor Bryan Brown gives an interview on the language-identity dilemma in science classrooms.


Michael Wald: Full Interview on "Improving Educational Outcomes by Improving Parenting"

December 9, 2013

In this full interview following his December 9 Brown Bag, Michael Wald proposes ways in which improving parenting can improve educational outcomes.


Michael Wald: A Moral Responsibility to Support the Poorest 20%

December 9, 2013

Professor Michael Wald speaks about the likelihood that children growing up in the bottom 15-20% will stay in the bottom 15-20%, and what society should do about it.


Michael Wald: What Works to Address Parenting and Poverty

December 9, 2013

Stanford Law's Michael Wald proposes more funding for programs such as WIC and Early Head Start so that more children can have access to a variety of programs.


Michael Wald: Education and Parenting Policies Needed for Poorest 20%

December 9, 2013

Professor Wald argues that poverty generates a range of stressful circumstances that distract parents from providing the home life that promotes academic success.


Michael Wald: Good Education Policy Alone Can't Get All Students to College

December 9, 2013

In this interview, Stanford University Professor of Law Michael Wald argues that parenting is of critical importance to student success.


Albert Camarillo: How the Past Informs Policy

November 4, 2013

Looking to the past, Stanford University professor Albert Camarillo discusses a different wave of immigrants and what we can learn from their experience.