Video Archive

Edward Haertel: The Value of Value-Added Models
October 21, 2013
Stanford University professor and Brown Bag speaker Edward Haertel addresses the reliability and validity of teacher value-added scores.
Edward Haertel: Components of Effective Teacher Assessment
October 21, 2013
Stanford University professor and Brown Bag speaker Edward Haertel examines the proper components to teacher assessment.
The Use and Misuses of Value-Added in Teacher Evaluations
October 18, 2013
In this video by The Albert Shanker Institute, Linda Darling-Hammond joins two other panelists for a debate on the benefits and difficulties of value-added. 
Evaluating Education Reform: An Evening with Ravitch, Hanushek, Darling-Hammond, Cook, and Schrag
September 30, 2013
Education experts discuss the strengths of U.S. education, how policy makers are failing to address educational failure, and how to effectively address the challenges.
Evaluating Education Reform: Lecture by Diane Ravitch
September 30, 2013
In her lecture, Diane Ravitch argues against privatization and for public education, and puts forth a plan for what can be done to preserve and improve public education. 
Education for Empowerment: An Interview with Linda Darling-Hammond
July 31, 2013
In this Education Sector video, Peter Cookson interviews Linda Darling-Hammond on educational equity, teachers and training, and the design of schools.
Webinar: Criteria for High-Quality Assessment Systems
July 11, 2013
What does a high-quality assessment system look like? SCOPE's Linda Darling-Hammond serves as a panelist in a discussion on new criteria.
Arnetha Ball: Diversity in the Classroom
May 20, 2013
Professor Arnetha Ball focuses on how teachers can draw on cultural and linguistic differences as resources to help students acquire knowledge.
Arnetha Ball: Teachers as Agents of Change
May 20, 2013
In this short interview, Stanford professor Arnetha Ball talks about the importance of teachers becoming agents, rather than objects of change.
Creating a Cohesive College-Going Culture
May 17, 2013
Stanford professor of education Anthony Antonio and graduate student Jesse Foster discuss what constitutes a successful college-going culture.