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Busing Controversy Points to New Outlook on Neighborhood Schools
October 17, 2012
Prudence Carter joins MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry and guests to talk about education in local neighborhoods and the controversy over busing.
Linda Darling-Hammond Receives Bammy Award for Lifetime Achievement
September 25, 2012
Co-founder of BAM Radio Network Rae Pica presents the lifetime achievement Bammy Award to Linda Darling-Hammond.
Linda Darling-Hammond Receives Bammy Award for Education School Professor
September 25, 2012
Diane Ravitch presents Linda Darling-Hammond with the 2012 Bammy Award for Education School Professor.
Linda Darling-Hammond on PBS NewsHour
September 21, 2012
Jeffrey Brown talks to AEI's Michael McShane and SCOPE's Linda Darling-Hammond about the broader education reform issues involved in the Chicago Public Schools strike.
Prudence Carter on Your Education Matters
September 20, 2012
SCOPE co-director Prudence Carter discusses her research with Paul Shaker on Your Education Matters.
David Brooks and Linda Darling-Hammond Discuss Successful Education Practices
September 19, 2012
David Brooks and Linda Darling-Hammond open the NYT Schools for Tomorrow conference with a global tour of successful education practices.
Linda Darling-Hammond on the Status of the Profession
September 19, 2012
Linda Darling-Hammond and other plenary speakers address the status and perception of the teaching profession at the NYT Schools for Tomorrow conference.
Rachel Lotan on Building Equitable Classrooms
February 14, 2012
Rachel Lotan discusses the importance of equal-status interactions among students and explains how teachers can build equitable classrooms by crafting appropriate tasks and collaborations, and by addressing status problems.
Pasi Sahlberg on Equity and Finland's Education System
February 1, 2012
Pasi Sahlberg discusses the policies and practices behind the so-called "Finnish miracle" and the central role of equity in Finland's school reform.
"Finnish First": Dan Rather Interviews Linda Darling-Hammond
January 30, 2012
Part two of Dan Rather's report on Finland's education system asks, What can the United States learn from Finland's success?