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Jon Snyder

Position Title: 
Executive Director
Professional Background: 

My professional background may have begun at birth as the sixth child (of seven) of parents in the field of education. When I dropped out of college at 19 (to change the world), the only job I could find was as a classroom and playground aide at an elementary school in Seaside, California. Since that first position, I have been a K-6 teacher (Vancouver, WA), a curriculum developer and provider of professional development (HOSTS), and a teacher educator, professor, and researcher at several institutions of higher education (Teachers College Columbia University, University of California, Santa Barbara), and finally an administrator in higher education (Bank Street College).  My current position allows me to use my education and experience in service of making it more likely that each and every child will leave the K-12 system with an opportunity to pursue a future of his/her own choosing and that communities where that is the case are the norm and not the anomaly.

  • B.Ed. Washington State University (Elementary Teaching Credential)
  • M.A. Washington State University (Masters in Education and English Composition; Administrative Credential)
  • Ed.D.  Teachers College Columbia University (Curriculum and Teaching)
Why I am at SCOPE: 

For as long as I can remember I was always proud of my parents.  While we had our differences, I knew they always used whatever talents and skills they had to help make a more just and equitable world for all. And that everything they did as parents taught that to their children.  When my son was born, I knew immediately my goal for the rest of my life: that he could always be as proud of me as I had been of my parents.  Working at SCOPE allows me to use whatever talents and skills I might have to make the world a more just and equitable place for all of us.  And more importantly, to know that I am doing something of which my son can take pride.

Recent Contributions: 

My role at SCOPE allows me to facilitate and support relationships among and between people  working to improve equity in education. It is my good fortune to have this position which allows me to interact with exceptional scholars, supportive funders, amazing educators, and policy makers – all committed to equitable access to quality educational opportunities for each and every one of our children.