Ann Lieberman

Ann Lieberman headshot
Senior Scholar
Dr. Ann Lieberman was previously a Senior Scholar at The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and is Professor Emeritus of Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. Lieberman is widely known for her work in the areas of teacher leadership and development, collaborative research, networks and school-university partnerships, and the problems and prospects for understanding educational change.

Dr. Lieberman has written or edited 16 books. Her latest is Teacher Learning and Leadership, Of, By, and For Teachers (with Carol Campbell and Anna Yashkina). Her other books include Mentoring Teachers: Navigating the Real World Tensions (with S. Hanson and J. Gless). Inside the National Writing Project: Connecting Network Learning and Classroom Teaching (with Diane Wood), Teachers: Transforming Their World and Their Work, and Teachers in Professional Learning Communities: Improving Teaching and Learning (with Lynne Miller).

Lieberman has served on numerous national and international advisory boards, including those of the United Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association. She is also a past president of the American Educational Research Association. As a researcher she is currently working on deepening the field's understanding of different structures that support school reform including networks, partnerships and coalitions. She has recently been to Shanghai and Finland as a speaker and a learner. In April, 2015, she was the keynote speaker in Beijing at the Global Educational Community conference. In October, 2015, Ann was also keynote speaker in Auckland, NZ at the Ulearn Comference on Teacher Leadership. Lieberman received her BA and Ed.D at UCLA and her MA at California State University at Northridge, where she also received an honorary degree.