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Alethea Andree

Position Title: 
Operations Coordinator
Professional Background: 

I began working at the School Redesign Network (SRN) as a Research Assistant in 2004. I provided research assistance for publications such as Multiple Measures Approaches to High School Graduation and Professional Learning in the Learning Profession. Over the years, SRN began working not just with schools, but also with districts & policy makers to enable more sustainable changes, which led to the School Redesign Network being enfolded into the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE). As the scope of our work widened, I began taking on increasing financial, event planning, and other administrative duties for various projects. For example, I handled logistics for 2–4 conferences a year for the Linked Learning Initiative.

Why I am at SCOPE: 

I think a good education is important for both individuals and society. It's a real shame that whether kids get a good education is highly dependent on where they live. SCOPE strives to help the different educational stakeholders (teachers, administrators, policy makers, parents, etc) work together to implement best practices for their context and uses both qualitative observations and quantitative measures when considering what effective practices are, which we hope will lead to higher quality and more equitable education.

Recent Contributions: 

I support all of SCOPE's projects. Since 2014 I have primarily worked on the Instructional Leadership Corps project, organizing conferences for the 180–285 ILC members, tracking documentation, maintaining databases, creating & maintaining surveys, processing financials, etc.