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Engaging with Communities for Education Equity

Project Dates: 
September 2017 - July 2018
Frank Adamson
Contact Email: 
Project Researchers: 
Frank Adamson

Funded by the Open Society Foundation, the main project goal was to work with community-based organizations and their constituents to create a research-based tool to motivate and inform discussion as Oakland residents make decisions about the future of public education in their community.

The project engaged community stakeholders in identifying key education issues within Oakland, California. After working with community-based organizations to identify topics, SCOPE researchers analyzed research and data, identified the main issues, and coalesced the evidence into an infographic.

The infographic addresses three primary issues identified by community members as impacting Oakland’s education system: charter schools, fiscal mismanagement, and outside influences.

Oakland’s community members can use this tool and others to focus attention on key decisions that could result in an educational ecosystem that provides higher quality educational opportunities for all its students.