How to Create the Conditions for Learning

Continuous Improvement in Classrooms, Schools, and Districts
How to Create the Conditions for Learning  cover
September 14, 2017
Ann Jaquith
Harvard Education Press

What does it take to create the conditions required to provide high-quality instruction every day to every student in our nation’s classrooms?

Although researchers have identified conditions that are needed to improve student learning, relatively little has been written about how to create these conditions; probably because the work entailed is complicated, messy, and not well understood. 

In her new book, SCOPE Associate Director, Ann Jaquith, PhD, presents a framework for how to understand and build instructional capacity, based on her original research in schools and districts and ideas drawn from the literature on resourcing and social learning. The book shows how the conditions for continuously improving instruction can be created at every level—from the classroom to the school to the district office.

Through case studies of schools and districts engaged in the challenges of developing the capacity to improve instruction, Jaquith shows ways that school and district leaders can identify and deploy underutilized resources and create organizational routines that support the ongoing development of instructional capacity.

During 15 years working as a teacher, administrator, and professional developer, Jaquith became passionate about creating school cultures where teachers learn from and challenge each other thereby making school an intellectually stimulating place for everyone. She returned to graduate school to study how schools and school systems, especially those attended by our most vulnerable students, could become places where meaningful learning is abundant. 

Written for educators, How to Create the Conditions for Learning represents an important contribution to the effort to stimulate, support, and sustain excellent teaching and inspired learning in our schools.

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“Ann Jaquith’s instructional capacity building framework has taken our district to a deeper level of implementation, guiding how we create conditions of learning for teachers, principals, and district staff so they can in turn create optimal conditions for learning for students.”
— Diann Kitamura, Superintendent, Santo Rosa City Schools 

"How to Create the Conditions for Learning is essential reading for all educators determined to create and sustain a culture that continuously enriches the working conditions necessary to support efforts to improve teaching and learning."
— Marcia G. Trott, Improving Teacher Quality State Grants Program administrator, California Department of Education

“Drawing on real-life examples, this insightful book provides richly detailed and specific strategies for teachers, principals, superintendents (even researchers) concerned with improving learning opportunities for students and staff in any school.”
— Leslie Santee Siskin, Research Professor, New York University Steinhardt