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Hello World
Supporting disadvantaged students through digital learning and technology

Stanford researchers are examining the role of digital learning and technology to support struggling students in disadvantaged communities.

Fulton High School (Knox County Schools) Professional Development

SCOPE is working with Knox County Schools' Fulton High School in Tennessee to develop four small learning community academies through a federal grant. The high school is strengthening project-based learning within academy teams.

Closing the Opportunity Gap: What America Must Do to Give Every Student a Chance

Prudence Carter and Kevin Welner brought together a team of experts to examine the causes of and remedies to the inequality of learning opportunities in America's schools.

Austin High Schools: Redesigning for Equity

In 2004, SCOPE researchers and the Austin Independent School District joined together to redesign the district's 11 comprehensive high schools.

San Juan Unified School District: Professional Development for Second Language Education

SCOPE is providing technical assistance to the San Juan Unified School District, as well as specific ongoing professional development for a cadre of district staff as the district expands its second language education work.

Transforming Schooling and Teaching: Teacher Professional Development Series

This comprehensive project on teacher professional development identifies policies and practices states are using to effectively prepare and support teachers.

Investigating Teaching Policy Around the World

This project examines how high achieving nations around the world have steeply improved student achievement and equity and to identify how those approaches can be replicated in the United States.

International Teacher Policy Study

This research identified two principle responses to the central question of how other countries have surpassed the U.S. in preparing their students to compete in the 21st century global economy.

California Linked Learning Initiative: District Leadership Series

SCOPE is working with district, school, industry, non-profit, and higher educational leaders in California to help build and advance the field of Linked Learning.

Project Management Institute Education Foundation (PMIEF)

This project involves an evaluation of the initiatives in the Knowledgeable Youth Pillar of the Performance Management Institute Education Foundation.