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California Performance Assessment Collaborative (CPAC)

A study of authentic approaches to assessment that requires students to demonstrate applied content knowledge and 21st century skills. 

Privatization and Public Investment Study

A comparative analyses that compared and contrasted the influence of a public investment approach with a “free market” approach to the governance and management of schools.

Teachers' Time: Collaborating for Teaching, Learning, and Leading

A study of four schools in the United States ond one school in Singapore who organize student and teacher time to support learning opportunities for educators and educational experiences for students.

Project Management Institute Education Foundation (PMIEF)

This project involves an evaluation of the initiatives in the Knowledgeable Youth Pillar of the Performance Management Institute Education Foundation.

Systems Thinking

Four inter-related projects that document the process, initial outcomes, and continuing dilemmas of initiatives that use “systems thinking”.

State Policymaking Study

The goal of this study is to better understand how states conceptualize and design educational policies, how their political culture and history shapes the policymaking process, and how, the passage of ESSA may influence policy trajectories.

Engaging with Communities for Education Equity

Funded by the Open Society Foundation, the main project goal was to work with community-based organizations and their constituents to create a research-based tool to motivate and inform discussion

Stanford Sequoia K-12 Research Collaborative

As part of the Stanford Sequoia K-12 Research Collaborative, SCOPE worked with one of the districts within