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Affiliated Scholars

SCOPE affiliated scholars are distinguished faculty members from many disciplines whose research supports SCOPE's mission to foster research, policy, and practice to advance high quality, high equity education systems. Their research is featured on our Publications pages, and they generously share their findings through presentations at various SCOPE-sponsored events and institutes. SCOPE occasionally sponsors the research of our scholars as well.

Assistant Professor of Education Leadership and Policy Studies
California State University, Sacramento
Associate Professor of Education
Anthony Antonio headshot
Professor of Education
Arnetha Ball headshot
Associate Professor of Law
Professor of Education
Jo Boaler headshot
Assistant Professor of Education
University of California, Berkeley
Associate Professor of Education
Bryan Brown headshot
Leon Sloss Jr. Memorial Professor, Professor of American History and Special Assistant to the Provost
Al Camarillo headshot
Vida Jacks Professor of Education
Martin Carnoy headshot
Dean, University of California Berkeley, Graduate School of Education
Associate Professor of Psychology
Jennifer Eberhardt headshot
Professor of teaching
Shelley Goldman headshot
Emeritus Professor
Stanford Gruduate School of Education
Eric & Nancy Wright Professor of Clinical Education, Professor of Law, and Professor of Education
William Koski headshot
SCOPE Senior Scholar
Emeritus Professor
Stanford Graduate School of Education
Davis-Brack Professor in the Behavioral Sciences
Hazel Markus headshot
Emeritus Professor
Stanford Graduate School of Education
Associate Professor of Education, and (by courtesy) Sociology
Sean Reardon headshot
Professor of Linguistics
John Rickford headshot
Assistant Professor
Fordham University Graduate School of Education
Bonnie Katz Tenenbaum Professor of Education; Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Guadalupe Valdes headshot
Assistant Professor of Social Psychology
Greg Walton headshot